Player Pledge Is Launched

Last updated : 25 July 2004 By Andy Burton
Each season, the challenge for Playershare is to continue to provide the same – or a higher - level of support to Sean O’Driscoll as the year before. For the two seasons that Playershare has been in existence that has amounted to just over £165,000 in total.

However, as the maximum number of shareholders approaches (49), it becomes even more important for Playershare to come up with new ideas. Last season saw the continuation of the Playershare raffle, and the introduction of the Community Mutual schemes, which together brought in over £20,000, but new sources of income are still necessary.

One answer this year is Playerpledge, a scheme which gears the amount you actually pay to the success of the team. We believe, in theory at least, you will be happier to pay more if the team is doing well!

A downloadable application form is available from by clicking on the link. Any one wishing to join in can pledge a given amount for goals scored, points gained and clean sheets kept or any combination of those. There is even the facility to pledge an amount for the number of goals scored by an individual player. In all cases, only League – and not Cup – games count. If you need more than one form we can accept copies.

Two things are necessary for this scheme to work. The first is that people do join the scheme, and the second is for pledges to be honoured. To make the process less of a shock to the system – and to ensure that the income is received during the season when it is of most use – the pledges will be collected three times a year; at the end of October, end January and the end of the season.

For simplicity, it would be much easier if pledges were paid by direct credit transfer or by cheque via the post, but facilities will be available to pay money at the ground at matches around the appropriate times.

We do hope that you will feel able to pledge; Playershare has really made a difference to the success of the team over the last two seasons; Playerpledge will help keep it that way!!

Adrian Kelley
Playershare Ltd