More Fund Raising Ideas

Last updated : 10 October 2004 By Andy Burton
Speaking to Paul Williams this afternoon, he has made the Exiles Club aware of ways which we can all help raise additional funds for AFC Bournemouth, and what's more it is dead simple too!!

Our sister AFCB site have set up an on line shop where over 80 retail/service organisations are made their products available. The idea then being that we buy a product and a percentage of the sale is then donated to AFC Bournemouth.

Citi Bank are offering a £60 donation to AFC Bournemouth (through the Community Mutual) just for opening an account for a £1 deposit! If 100 people were to do that, that a cool £6000 before we even start!

Amazon will pay 5% commission for any purchases through them.

Cotton Traders will pay 10% commission.

Hertz are paying 5% commission.

And the list goes on!!

To visit the BuyAt site for the AFCB Community Mutual, please click on the link.