2011 AGM Minutes

Last updated : 08 May 2012 By Exiles Secretary

Minutes of AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club AGM held on 25th June 2011 at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London

Attendees: Peter Wicks (acting Chairman), Richard Barker, Andy Burton, Clive Loader, Phil Nesbitt, Phil Henstridge, Rob Gray.

Apologies Pam and Adrian Smith, Ann Rochester, Clive Deverell, Steve Hunt, Chris Pope, Nick Wallinger, Graham Pearcey, Jim Pruden.

The acting Chairman opened the meeting at 14.10 and welcomed all the attendees.

The minutes of the 2010 AGM held on 26th June 2010 were agreed unanimously
as a true reflection of the meeting and will be signed by the Chairman.

No report was received from the Chairman.

The Acting Treasurer, Phil Nesbitt, reported that owing to the death of the elected Treasurer, Roy Garner, he had assumed the role on an interim basis. He presented a Financial Position sheet, copy attached, to the meeting as it had not been possible to provide a full presentation of the accounts as great difficulty was being experienced changing the statement address and other aspects of the accounts with Santander, who are our current bankers. Just contacting the correct person at the bank is a seemingly impossible task.

From the information available it is clear that the club is in a very healthy financial position and we have already paid for next season’s season tickets (the club has taken over Roy Garner’s ticket for next season). £399.00 is owed to Rebecca Garner for usage of her father’s ticket last season. This will be paid once the problems with the bank have been resolved as a transfer from our deposit account is required to cover the cheque.

The Acting Treasurer also suggested that we consider changing our bankers due to the difficulties encountered. Indeed Roy Garner had already mooted this after last year’s AGM. The meeting fully agreed with this suggestion and provided much advice on how to resolve the current situation.

The Secretary, Phil Nesbitt, reported that no formal committee meetings had been held due to the problems of organising a date and venue where all the committee could attend. Any issues had been resolved via telephone calls or emails and a consensus reached. He also reported that he had been unable to trace anyone who confirmed that they held a copy of the Constitution.

The Membership Secretary, Andy Burton, reported that the current membership totalled 73. The increase was due to the number of all ticket matches last season and also because membership was now free. No abuse of this had been detected and only bona fide exiles had attempted to join. However, caution is taken with all new applications to avoid inappropriate members, especially supporters of other clubs attempting to obtain tickets through us.

The Travel Advisor, Phil Nesbitt, reported that some rail trips were now organised from London, usually by Jim Pruden but that the numbers travelling was very low. During the season a few exiles had made contact requesting advice and assistance in particular with rail bookings This had been given and tickets booked if necessary.

The Marketing Officer, Andy Burton, reported that sales for the year amounted to £95.30 and new stock cost £78.30. An inventory of stock held was presented to the meeting and a copy is attached. (Andy was authorised by the meeting to dispose of many of the old magazines (keeping at least one copy of each) and to give away much of the old stock which has been held for many years).

The APFSCIL Representative, Richard Barker, reported again that we were not the only supporters club that was struggling for numbers. The internet and the abolition of the group travel facility had greatly reduced the need for supporters to join clubs. We continued to be unable to compete in any of the sports competitions due to lack of numbers and continue our membership to maintain visibility of the club and in case we need to make use of any of the facilities that APFSCIL provide. Also to illustrate the unity of football fans despite what is often reported in the media.

The Match Report Officers, Andy Burton (home matches) and Richard Barker (away matches), reported that all matches had been covered during the season although it took a while for some reports to be submitted to them. Their thanks was expressed to the regulars who write the majority of the reports. As stated last year more volunteers were required and a way of attracting these was needed.

As no competitions had been held during the past season no report was received and the position was abolished unanimously by the meeting.

The Pub of the Season Officer, Clive Loader, reported the winner for 2010/11 was the Devonshire Cat in Sheffield. The number of exiles present to mark this was one of the highest (13) for the season so it is a true reflection of the standing of the pub. As we have at least two visits to Sheffield next season it is planned to make a presentation of a plaque to mark the Devonshire Cat’s achievement during one of these.

The Website/Tickets/Club Liason Officer Andy Burton reported that the website was doing very well and a copy of the monthly usage figures is attached. There are noticeable ‘spikes’ in January, February and March coinciding with the departures of Eddie Howe, Jason Tindall and Marvin Bartley to Burnley. The income received from the website is estimated as £149.52 as per the Treasurer’s Financial position sheet.

The following were elected as the Officers of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club for 2010/11

Chairman Nick Wallinger

Treasurer Phil Nesbitt

Secretary Graham Pearcey

Membership Secretary Andy Burton

Travel Advisor Phil Nesbitt (assisted by Jim Pruden)

Marketing Officer Andy Burton

APFSCIL Representative Richard Barker

Match Report Officers Andy Burton and Richard Barker.

Pubs Officer Clive Loader

Website officer Andy Burton.

The first five full officers (different individuals) above would form the committee.

Any social events would be organised by the committee, a volunteer or an appointed person.

Due to the departure of Joe Roach from the football club a new President was required. Nominations were made for Steve Lovell, Ryan Garry and Danny Ings to fill the position. Ryan Garry was elected from a show of hands. Andy Burton agreed to contact him to confirm his willingness to be our President. If this is not forthcoming then Steve Lovell will be approached.

The Exiles’ season ticket had continued to be well used. It was decided to continue to have an Exiles season ticket as it was one way of supplying funds to the club. It was decided to maintain the cost of using the season ticket by exiles at £19.00. This cost would also apply to other season tickets in our ’block’ that were available for use as the holder could not attend the match. In addition it had been decided by the committee to purchase Roy Garner’s former season ticket to be used by exiles for future seasons.

Any Other Business

Andy Burton advised the meeting that he had already contacted Joe Roach expressing the Exiles Club’s thanks and appreciation of his work and success with the football club and his contributions during his spell as our President. The consensus of the meeting was that Joe would be greatly missed by the football club and dismay was expressed at the possible reason of his departure (being moved to rather a non job within the set up).

Roy Garner.

Following the death of Roy Garner, last July, the Exiles Club lost a loyal and willing servant. Not only that but all members had lost an important and true friend. Roy would take on roles, make arrangements and organise matters for people even though he would possibly not be able to take part. His larger than life personality and regular bursts of distinctive laughter (guffaws at times) will be missed by all who knew him and the world is the worse without him.

His standing amongst the exiles and his other friends was shown by the number of people who attended his funeral. This was taken by exile the Reverend Clive Deverell who stated during his eulogy that he had lost his best friend. Many others would, no doubt, say the same thing.

A toast was drunk by the attendees of the meeting in memory of Roy.

There being no further business the Acting Chairman closed the meeting at 15.55.