AGM Minutes

Last updated : 10 July 2013 By Exiles Secretary

Minutes of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club AGM

6th July 2013 at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London

Attendees: Peter Wicks (Acting Chair), Graham Pearcey (Secretary), Adam Ainsworth, Frank Barnes, Andy Burton, Phil Henstridge, John Munro, Phil Nesbitt, Jack Parker and Jim Pruden.

1. Introductions and welcome

The Acting Chair opened the meeting at 14:05 and welcomed all the attendees.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Keith Ames, Karen Andrews, Neal Andrews, Richard Barker, Ritchie Clift, Clive Deverell, Les Fry, Deanna Green, Trevor Green, Steve Hunt, Peter Kenward, Dave Linsay, Clive Loader, Chris Pope, Ann Rochester, Grahame Sewell and Nick Wallinger.

3. Minutes of the 2012 AGM held on 30th June 2012

The minutes were agreed unanimously as a true reflection of the meeting and signed by the Acting Chair. There were no matters arising.

4. Reports

a. The Chair (NW), despite being absent, had sent the following report:

As is my custom ladies [sic] and gentlemen, my note will try to be brief.

Firstly let me apologise for not being with you in person but the arrival of a new Junior Cherry & Exile in the past fortnight has meant my presence was required on the rock.

Turning to last season, it was one that looked far from being anything other than a disaster in October after the evening in Crawley but then morphed into one of best seasons yet with the return of Eddie & Jase. This had a galvanising effect on the same squad of players, and with the addition of one or two old faces, provided an impetus that led to us returning back to the 2nd tier of English football for the first time in 26 years.

At this same point last year I was not overly confident and perhaps given the step up in quality & League then I should probably be feeling the same this year. However, I retain the faith and with Eddie (Howe) at the helm I feel confident that we will put up a good fight and feel we are at least on a par, if not better, than 3 or 4 other clubs.

I also recall saying last year at this very meeting that we had the early pleasure of defeating Pompey to look forward to, and I am pleased to say that with the Carling Cup draw I can repeat those words again to you.

The season ahead will allow us to revisit old haunts, some near some far. We have local trips back to Yeovil, Brighton & Reading, to London for Watford, QPR, Millwall & Charlton, the East Midlands triumvirate of Derby, Leicester & Forest, as well as the Lancashire triangle incorporating Blackpool, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn & Burnley. Many grounds will have changed since we last visited and most will be larger than ours but they are outings to make the mouth water and plenty of different hostelries in different locations with which to whet our appetite. So roll on the 3rd of August & Charlton.

As with every year I would like to use this opportunity to thank the rest of the committee for their sterling efforts without which we would not have an Exiles club, so thank one and all.

My particular thanks to Andy for his hard work and endeavours in maintaining the website and organising of the Exiles allotment of tickets at each home and all ticket games on our behalf. I imagine he will be even busier this season, which can only be a positive for the Exiles Club.

It is as always a pleasure to be your Chairman and I look forward to seeing you all at some point in the new season, either at Dean Court or, as is more likely, somewhere on our travels up north.

Up the Cherries.”

b. The Treasurer (PN) reported the Financial Position, as of 6th July 2013, as follows.

Balances: Current Account £218.55, Deposit Account £1,799.18, Petty cash £14.05.

Amounts paid over the past year not including match ticket sales: Player of the season trophy £15.95, APFSCIL £15.00, 2013/2014 Season tickets £1,425.00, Andy’s travel/other expenses £14.48, Sponsorship £900.00.

Receipts over the past year: Merchandise £25.00, Footymad £137.60, Donation (R Faithfull) £10.00, Interest £2.77, Ticket income £774.00.

He recommended consolidating our financial position in the next year, i.e. buying season tickets but not entering into any sponsorships. The meeting agreed.

c. The Membership Secretary (AB) reported that the total number of members had been 88 this time last year but, despite an interim dip, now stood at more than 90.

d. The Travel Advisor (PN) reported that Jim P had organised travel from London for most away matches. The meeting decided that Jim’s name should appear on the website offering this service. Action: Jim P to supply wording to AB.

e. The Marketing Officer (AB) reported that there had been a few sales of merchandise during the past season. There have been no new purchases of merchandise. £867 worth remains in stock. The practice (as agreed at the last AGM) of recycling the oldest season’s copies of Exiled continues.

f. The APFSCIL Representative (RB), despite being absent, had sent the following report:

We don’t have the numbers in London any more to take advantage of the travel deals or take part in the sports, but it’s only £15 a year and it does no harm to maintain a presence in the organisation.

The meeting agreed this recommendation.

g. The (Home) Match Report Officer (AB) reported that 100% of home matches in the 2012/2013 season had been covered. The (Away) Match Report Officer (RB), despite being absent, had sent the following report:

We managed reports for most away games, apart from the odd one where hardly anyone travelled. It should be easier this season with a lot of new grounds for people to tick off. Volunteers for Burnley, Wigan and Barnsley would be particularly welcome as these may be less appealing for the southern contingent. Blackburn midweek may be a problem unless the proposed combined trip with the Blackpool game goes ahead.”

Following this report Jack P offered to cover matches in Lancashire and Yorkshire. Action: Jack P to contact RB.

h. The Pub of the Season Officer (CL), despite being absent, had forwarded the Pub of the Season results. These revealed that 37 pubs were visited in the 2012/2013 season (compared to 38 in the 2011/2012 season). The Coach & Horses in Shrewsbury got the highest score, while the previous season’s winner – The Devonshire Cat in Sheffield – came second this time round. The meeting thanked CL for his work – and everyone who’d contributed scores!

i. The Website, Tickets and Club Liaison Officer (AB) reported that the number of website hits in the six months ending 30th June 2013 (60,463) was well up on the six months ending 30th June 2012 (45,709). There had also been a subsequent ‘spike’ on 1st July 2013 when the Real Madrid fixture was announced! On the tickets front, £2,011 worth of tickets had been sold for ten key matches, and a further £923 had been raised through use of the home season tickets. Our good relationship with the Club’s ticket office had been retained – helped along by the occasional small ‘bribes’ (i.e. gifts of biscuits)!

5. Election of Officers of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club for 2013/2014

The following were all re-elected unopposed. Chair: NW, Treasurer: PN, Secretary: GP, Membership Secretary: AB.

The position of Travel Advisor was scrapped, and replaced by London Travel Advisor. Jim P was elected unopposed to this role.

The position of Marketing Officer was renamed as Marketing and Website Officer. AB was elected unopposed to this role.

The following were all re-elected unopposed. APFSCIL Representative: RB, Match Report Officers: AB and RB, Pub of the Season Officer: CL.

The position of Website/Tickets/Club Liaison Officer was renamed as Tickets and Club Liaison Officer. AB was elected unopposed to this role.

Last year’s nomination for President, Steve Fletcher, had been contacted – but had failed to get back to us. As a result a proposal was put to the meeting by PH (seconded by PN) that Richard Hughes be approached – having been our President some years previously – and, if he declined, last year’s second choice – Stephen Purches – be the second choice again. There were no counterproposals and the voting was unanimous. Action: AB to contact first Richard and then if necessary Stephen. (Note: subsequent to the meeting, Richard has agreed to be our President.)

6. Any Other Business

The Exiles Club Constitution is now very out-of-date as it has not been amended for many years. The meeting instructed PN, PH and GP to rewrite the Constitution to reflect current practice, and report back to the 2014 AGM. Action: PN to convene a meeting with PH and GP.

The level of service from Santander Bank is unacceptable, one outcome of which is that the change of signatories agreed at the 2012 AGM has still not taken place. It was agreed to give them two more months to get their house in order, or else to change banks. Action: PN.

Either way, after the two month review period the signatories should be changed as agreed last year, i.e. “any two from RB, AB, PN and GP”. Action: PN.

AB proposed setting up an AFCB Exiles Twitter account, and the meeting agreed. Action: AB.

PN proposed that the charge for using an Exiles Season Ticket in the 2013/2014 season should be £22, and the meeting agreed. Action: AB.

7. Close

There being no further business, the Acting Chair closed the meeting at 15:28.