AGM Minutes - 2012

Last updated : 10 July 2012 By Exiles Secretary

Minutes of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club AGM
30th June 2012 at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London

Attendees: Nick Wallinger (Chair), Graham Pearcey (Secretary), Keith Ames, Richard Barker, Andy Burton, Phil Henstridge, Clive Loader, Phil Nesbitt, Jack Parker, Jim Pruden and Robin Stieber.

1. Introductions and welcome

The Chair opened the meeting at 14:02 and welcomed all the attendees.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Clive Deverell, John Harbron, Peter Kenward and Peter Wicks.

3. Minutes of the 2011 AGM held on 25th June 2011

The minutes were agreed unanimously as a true reflection of the meeting (proposed PH, seconded AB) and signed by the Chair.  There were no matters arising.

4. Reports

a. The chair (NW) presented the following report.

“Firstly can I record my thanks in person to last year’s meeting for electing me as chair of this august body of folk?  I think I have been a member for the best part of 20 years now, not quite in at the start, but for me it was a proud moment when I was informed of last year’s election.

“This last season for the Cherries was hardly one to be remembered.  A dull start followed by one of those false dawns that threatened with entering the play-off picture before petering out to a nothingness.  Bradders dispatched, Groves in, and a chairman who never fails to surprise.  Hardly inspiring and I fear for the season ahead.  Let’s just hope Eddie leaves some of his more eccentric habits behind.

“Still we have an early return to Fratton Park to look forward to and hopefully three points on the opening day of the season plus new trips to Coventry and Crawley, hmm.

“Principally I would like to use this opportunity to thank the rest of the committee for their efforts.  Particular thanks to Andy for maintaining the website, my home from home for all things Cherries since returning to the rock, and to Clive for his unerring ability to find the perfect pub venue on our travels for us strays to meet up in.  Also to Jim and Phil in arranging/advising the various travel options for us Exiles.

“Up the Cherries.”

b. The treasurer (PN) reported the Financial Position, as of 29th June 2012, as follows.

Balances: Current Account £142.88, Deposit Account £3,296.41.

Amounts paid over the past year not including match ticket sales: Player of the season trophy £15.95, APFSCIL £15.00, Postage £0.75, 2012/13 Season tickets £874.00, Rebecca Garner £399.00, AB’s travel expenses £13.00, Merchandise £28.00.

Receipts over the past year: Merchandise £49.00, Footymad £136.86, Peter Wicks’ Season ticket £409.00, Donation (R Faithfull) £10.00, Interest £3.44.

All other amounts that have passed through the accounts relate to ticket sales.  AB would report on these separately.

Discussion on how to spend surplus funds was held over to AOB (item 6).

c. The membership secretary (AB) reported that the total number of members had been 73 in 2010/11 but rose to 88 in 2011/12 ( plus 5 family members).

d. The travel advisor (PN) reported that travel advice had been supplied during the past year when requested.  In addition Jim P had organised train tickets for London-based Exiles.

e. The marketing officer (AB) reported that £49.00 of merchandise had been sold over the past year (2 polo shirts, 2 window stickers, 1 key fob, 1 mouse mat) while £1163.90 worth of stock remained (copies of Exiled magazine £260, other merchandise £903.90).

The breakdown of this other merchandise is as follows:
2 polo shirts (green) size XXL worth £28.00
1 polo shirt (red) size M worth £14.00
1 I Was There shirt size XXL worth £14.50
2 I Was There shirts size L worth £26.00
14 mouse mats worth £112.00
3 wallets worth £10.50
77 coffee mugs worth £304.15
35 window stickers worth £17.50
91 coasters worth £68.25
57 key fob worth £228.00
27 badges worth £81.00.

Merchandise is self-funding.  It was agreed to recycle the oldest season’s copies of Exiled.

f. The APFSCIL representative (RB) reported that we continue to be unable to compete in any of the sports competitions due to lack of numbers.  We are not the only supporters club that’s struggling for numbers.  But we keep our membership of APFSCIL in order to maintain visibility for the club, to make use of any of the facilities that APFSCIL provide, and to demonstrate the unity of football fans.

g. The match report officer (AB) reported that every home match in the 2011/12 season had been covered, but covering away matches had proven more of a struggle.  We hope to do better next season!

h. The Pub of the Season officer (CL) reported that 38 pubs were visited in the 2011/12 season.  The Devonshire Cat in Sheffield got the highest score – and also came second because we visited Sheffield twice!

i. The website, tickets and club liaison officer (AB) reported that the number of website hits had been 189,833 in 2010/11 but slipped to 101,201 in 2011/12.  (Most of the difference is accounted for by the 73,682 hits in January 2011 at the time of Eddie Howe’s departure.)  On the tickets front, the Exiles’ season ticket was used 16 times (netting £304), JH’s ticket 5 times (netting £95) and NW’s ticket 7 times (netting £133).  There were all-ticket matches against Charlton Athletic, Exeter City and Leyton Orient in 2010/11; and AB anticipates potential all-ticket matches against Portsmouth, Swindon Town, Brentford and Coventry City in 2011/12.

5. Election of Officers of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club for 2012/13

The following were nominated.  Chair: NW (proposed CL, seconded AB), Treasurer: PN (proposed Jim P, seconded GP), Secretary: GP (proposed PN, seconded PH), Membership Secretary: AB (proposed NW, seconded CL), Travel Advisor: PN (proposed GP, seconded CL), Marketing Officer: AB (proposed GP, seconded PN), APFSCIL Representative: RB (proposed NW, seconded GP), Match Report Officers: AB and RB (proposed CL, seconded PN), Pub of the Season Officer: CL (proposed PN, seconded Jack P), Website/Tickets/Club Liaison Officer: AB (proposed PH, seconded GP).  All were elected unanimously.

Two nominations were received for President: Steve Fletcher (proposed AB, seconded GP) and Stephen Purches (proposed Jim L, seconded PN).  The voting was 6 in favour of Steve Fletcher and 5 in favour of Stephen Purches.  It was therefore agreed to invite Steve Fletcher to become our President but, if he turned it down, to invite Stephen Purches.  Action: AB.

6. Any Other Business

For 7-8 years our funds have remained at approximately the same level.  Options for spending some of it were discussed, including: subsidising the AGM lunches and/or drinks, organising a party in 2015 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Exiles Club, sponsoring a player, or sponsoring a team (e.g. youth).  As a result, it was proposed by PN (seconded by PH) and agreed by the meeting, that the Club Liaison Officer investigate what we can get by way of sponsorship for £500; and use his discretion in making a choice which will be reviewed at the end of the 2012/13 season.  Action: AB.

There was a discussion as to whether The Devonshire Cat should be presented with a Pub of the Season pennant from the Exiles Club.  It was agreed that there was no point as they wouldn’t display it anyway.

Jack P raised the question of whether the Exiles Club should have more of a voice on AFCB issues.  Options discussed included a column in home matchday programmes, or teaming up with other organisations representing supporters.  Eventually it was decided that we should stick to our raison d'être: attending matches and supporting the team.

PN mentioned that the Cherries International bank account with Santander had been dormant for some time with (possibly) a very small sum of money in it.  The meeting agreed to forget it, and take no further action.

PN mentioned that the bank signatories are currently any two from six: RB, Gordon Buchan, AB, CL, PN and Adrian Smith.  The meeting agreed that the necessary forms should be filled in to remove GB, CL and AS; and to add GP.  So in future it will be any two from RB, AB, PN and GP.  Action: PN.

Jim P raised the issue of getting the Exiles Club better known.  The meeting agreed that Mick Cunningham should be approached about (a) including us in home programmes and (b) including a paragraph about us amongst the information sent to editors of away programmes.  Action: AB.

Jim P asked about the outstanding merchandise and whether it should be destroyed or given away.  The meeting agreed that, in addition to the oldest season’s copies of Exiled (item 4e), coasters could also be destroyed.  Everything else could be handed out free to supporters – possibly after a home game.  The Marketing Officer was mandated to convene a smaller group to organise this off-line.  Action: AB.

7. Close

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting at 15:28.