AGM Minutes - 2014

Last updated : 06 January 2015 By Exiles Secretary

Minutes of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club AGM

28th June 2014 at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London

Attendees: Ellis Griffin (Acting Chair), Graham Pearcey (Secretary), Richard Barker, Andy Burton, Chris Churchill, Michelle Churchill, Julie Fry, Les Fry, Phil Henstridge, Clive Loader, Phil Nesbitt, Jack Parker and Jim Pruden.

1. Introductions and welcome

The Acting Chair opened the meeting at 13:59 and welcomed all the attendees.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Neal Andrews, Ralph Beales, Peter Kenward, John Munro, Robbie Sargent, Nick Wallinger, Neil Weedon and Peter Wicks.

3. Minutes of the 2013 AGM held on 6th July 2013

The minutes were agreed unanimously as a true reflection of the meeting and signed by the Acting Chair.  There were no matters arising.

4. Governance

As instructed by the 2013 AGM, a subcommittee comprising PN, PH and GP presented, for discussion and decision, a proposal to revise the Constitution.  There was discussion about a point raised by Peter Wicks, despite being absent, as to what “rules” are referred to in paragraphs 6d and 8d.  It was explained by the subcommittee that these words have simply been carried forward from the old Constitution, and that – as they only speak of rules being “deemed” to have been broken – both Constitutions permit a degree of subjectivity in the definition of “rules”.  A further point was raised by CL as to the necessity of mentioning “subscriptions” given that the subscription amount is currently zero; but the meeting agreed that a strength of the new Constitution is that it allows for the raising of this amount in future if needed.  A proposal was then put to the meeting by PH (seconded by AB) that the new Constitution be formally adopted, and the voting was unanimous in favour.  The Acting Chair thanked the subcommittee for their work on this.

5. Reports

a. The Chair (NW), despite being absent, had sent the following report:

“For the 2nd year in a row I am having to forward my apologies for not being with you all for the AGM.  This is due to a collision of events that includes my daughter’s 1st birthday this weekend and more ostensibly Andy’s desire to be away on holiday for early July meaning the AGM had to be today.

“In terms of last season, then it was yet again another one to be remembered and for once for all the right reasons.  Our first season back in the 2nd tier of English football after 26 years and it is safe to say that we looked entirely at home despite the early travails on the road.  After promotion the season before I could hardly have envisaged that we would progress so far and so quickly as we did.  Seeing the likes of Real Madrid and Liverpool at Dean Court in the same season is probably something none of us would have thought possible.

“And despite those two hefty defeats in our first two away trips at Huddersfield and Watford I believe we excelled.  Never looking out of depth we challenged and fought throughout, punching way above our weight.  For me our best display of the season was the demolition of Leeds.  That first half of football was just so sublime, the most perfect half ever.  With similar victories over Reading and Birmingham no one was safe from the Cherry onslaught.

“Much of this is down to Eddie and Jason who just seem to have that knack of making a team of limited resource into something special. Hopefully we won’t suffer from the 2nd season syndrome and we will build firm foundations to continue a challenge at the right end of the table.

“So as a new season beckons we have some new and some old venues to visit – Norwich, Cardiff, Wolves, Rotherham, Fulham and Brentford as well as the usual suspects.  I look forward to seeing you at one of the many watering holes we will visit as we travel around the country.

“As is customary I would like to take this opportunity to thank the rest of the committee for its sterling efforts in the running of the Exiles.  Without their time and organisation then we would not enjoy our pre-match get-togethers quite so much, so thank you one and all.

“I also pass on my particular thanks to Andy for all that he does in maintaining the website and particularly for managing the Exiles Season Tickets and any allotment of tickets for those all ticket games on our behalf.  I know it is a huge task and last season probably the busiest ever.  We are all fully appreciative of your endeavours in this regard.

“It remains an honour to serve you as your Chairman and I look forward to seeing you all at some point in the new season, either at Dean Court or, as is more likely, somewhere on our travels up north.

“In Eddie We Trust and Up the Cherries.

“Nick Wallinger.”

b. The Secretary (GP) reported that, apart from the work on the new Constitution, it had been a quiet year secretarially – all the ‘real’ work being done by AB.

c. The Treasurer (PN) reported the Financial Position, as of 27th June 2014, as follows.

Balances: Current Account £150.00, Deposit Account £1,307.08, Petty cash £13.00.

Amounts paid over the past year not including match ticket sales: Player of the season trophy £20.50, APFSCIL £5.00, 2013/2014 Season tickets £1,710.00, Andy’s travel/other expenses £99.99, Donation £30.00.

Receipts over the past year: Merchandise £3.00, Footymad £138.65, Donation £12.00, Interest £2.14, Ticket income £1,211.00.

PN pointed out that expenses had increased (from £14.48 the previous year) because of increased demand for away tickets.

d. The Membership Secretary (AB) reported that the total number of members had been 90 this time last year and now stood at 89.  Membership applications are all handled on line now, with no need for any paperwork.

e. The London Travel Advisor (Jim P) reported that his role is a limited one, advising no more than six people per match.

f. The Marketing and Website Officer (AB) reported that there had been minimal marketing during the past season, with only £3 worth of merchandise sales.  But the website role remained onerous, the most successful part of which was that match reports were posted for all the season’s games.

g. The APFSCIL Representative (RB) reported that, despite not getting many benefits from membership, it was costing less than ever (last year £15, this year £5).  The meeting thanked RB for continuing to represent us at APFSCIL.

h. The (Home) Match Report Officer (AB) and (Away) Match Report Officer (RB) reported that match reports were well covered last season.

i. The Pub of the Season Officer (CL) reported that 37 pubs were visited last season (the same number as the previous season) and the results of voting have been on the Exiles’ website since the end of the season.  The winning pub, the Dove Street Inn at Ipswich, is a friendly place with a good range of cheaply priced beers and excellent ‘pub grub’.  The meeting thanked everyone who voted.

j. The Tickets and Club Liaison Officer (AB) reported that we continue to enjoy a good relationship with the ticket office; and the meeting thanked AB for all his efforts (handling £9,278 worth of tickets!) last season.

6. Election of Officers of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club for 2014/2015

The following were all re-elected unopposed.  Chair: NW, Secretary: GP, Treasurer: PN, Membership Secretary: AB, London Travel Advisor: Jim P, Marketing and Website Officer: AB, APFSCIL Representative: RB, Match Report Officers: AB and RB, Pub of the Season Officer: CL, Tickets and Club Liaison Officer: AB.

There was discussion about the role of Exiles President.  AB explained that the main benefit is that the President can be interviewed three or four times a year for the website.  Nominations were requested.  PN (seconded by RB) nominated Joe Roach.  PH (seconded by CL) nominated Stephen Purches.  There being no further nominations the matter was put to the vote.  6 voted for Joe and 7 for Stephen.  Action: AB to contact first Stephen and then – if Stephen declines – Joe.

7. Any Other Business

The charge for using an Exiles Season Ticket in the 2014/2015 season was discussed.  PN proposed £27 (£20 for Concessions) and the meeting agreed.

There has never been a booking fee for purchasing away tickets via the Exiles but the meeting agreed that for the 2014/2015 season there should be a surcharge of 50p per ticket (plus postage if applicable).  In addition, to encourage the use of bank transfer facilities, it was agreed that there should be an additional surcharge of £1 (i.e. a total fee of £1.50) per ticket purchased by cash or cheque.

PH proposed (seconded by PN), and the meeting agreed in principle, that the Exiles should obtain a credit card, personalised in AB’s name, and paid off every month, probably from Capital One.  Action: the Executive Committee (as defined in the Constitution) to find the best deal and obtain a card.

Now the Exiles Club has internet banking (at last!) PN suggested that it’s not worth leaving Santander or pursuing the issue of a change of bank signatories; but it remains necessary to give (preferably) AB access to the internet account as the official ‘second user’.  Action: the Executive Committee to sort this out.

Jim P pointed out that the Financial Position shows a £500 decrease per year in the balance held in Exiles Club bank accounts, and this implies we’ll run out of funds in three years.  The meeting agreed that there’s a need for sales, income, and the usage of home season tickets, to be reviewed more often than once per year; and hence instructed the Executive Committee to monitor this through the season between AGMs.  Action: the Executive Committee.

The meeting discussed its appreciation of AB for all his work during the past year.  The meeting agreed not to consider an ‘honorarium’, with all the legal implications of that, but simply to record once again its gratitude.

AB raised the subject of the Exiles Club’s 30th birthday in 2015.  The meeting agreed in principle that there should be some form of celebration in which Mick Cunningham should be involved.  Action: the Executive Committee to pursue this idea.

Jim P proposed that we fund CL to provide a plaque to the Dove Street Inn on our next visit in recognition of their achievement in being voted Pub of the Season 2013/2014.  The meeting agreed.  Actions: CL to research options and the Executive Committee to approve.

8. Close

There being no further business, the Acting Chair closed the meeting at 16:24.