Ever wondered what the Club mascots get up to in their spare time??

Last updated : 26 October 2003 By Geoff Smith
"A few months ago our friend Georgina died in a car crash. She was 7 months pregnant at the time. Her son, Jasper, died an hour after he was birth following an emergency operation".

"We wanted to help raise funds for the Special Care Baby Unit in Haywards Heath, so organised a Club Mascots race day at Huntingdon race course".

All mascots give £25 of their fundraising to the Princes Trust, east of England area, keeping the rest for their own nominated Charity".

Geoff raised £450 on the day from this event, and overall the event over £2500.

Here are some pictures from the event.

The mascots checking out the first fence - Yorkie (York City) is have a good look as he tries to gain advantage (bottom right).

Lying in wait - Captain Blade of Sheffield United!!

Team hug before the off.

Cyril The Swan (Swansea City) being checked out - beak problems it seems!!

Some of the other runners including Alice and Peter The Eagle (Palace), Zamper (Millwall) and Bill Brewer (Burton Albion).

Coventry's Elephant kept falling over in the parade ring before the race, and then realised that he had his boots on the wrong feet!! Now putting best foot forward is giving Chaddy (Oldham) a good run for his money.

And the winner is ............ Chaddy The Owl from Oldham Athletic.