Exiles AGM 2004 - Minutes

Last updated : 26 May 2005 By Phil Nesbitt
Minutes of AGM held on 26th June 2004 at the Royal Oak Tabard Street London. 2.00PM

Attendees Andy Burton, Peter Wicks, Robin Stieber, Steve Hunt, Richard Barker, Ellis Griffin and Phil Nesbitt.
Apologies Phil Henstridge, Pam and Adrian Smith, Roy Garner, Clive Loader, Jim Pruden, Ralph Beales, John Harbron and Mike Metanle.

The Retiring Chairman (Andy Burton) opened the meeting and gave a brief report of the previous year. It had been a quiet year with the club managing to miss out on the play offs and so avoid the mad dash to arrange and distribute tickets for exiles.

The exiles season ticket and those donated by exiles who cannot attend all matches which are available for use by exiles had seen good usage and the system which has the club's blessing has to be seen as a success. This produces further funds which allows us to provide further financial support/sponsorship of the club.

Unfortunately the Treasurer, Roy Garner, was unable to attend the meeting so a full report was not given. Via Andy Burton he reported that the finaces of the Exiles Club were generally sound but that he recommended an increase in subscriptions to cover increased costs in the production of Exiled! And to ensure that we could provide continued financial support to the club.

The Secretary, Phil Nesbitt, had nothing to report other than that no committee meetings had been held during the year due to the logistical problem of getting a quorum together and that any business that had needed attention had been dealt with by 'phone or email communication and a decision reached.

The Membership Secretary, Pam Smith, also was unable to attend the meeting but reported via Andy Burton that he membership was now the lowest since 1996/7 and stood at 154 with 61 family members. The record membership was 262.

The Merchandise Officer, Andy Burton, reported sales of £435.70 during the season mainly the 'I was there 2' tee shirt. New stock would be purchased when required with possible new lines.

The Travel Officer, Phil Nesbitt, reported that travel, usually by rail, had been arranged to all away matches for Exiles from the London area. The smallest party was two to Blackpool and the biggest nine to Sheffield Wednesday. Advice about rail travel had also been provided to a number of non London based exiles.

Our APFSCIL representative reported that due to a number of players leaving the London area we would no longer be able to enter a darts team in the APFSCIL league. We would, however, maintain our membership of APFSCIL due to the benefits that this can offer, to be kept informed of news that may effect us and to keep a visable presence in London.

No Social or Competition reports were given.

Our Pub of the Season award went to The Devonshire Cat in Sheffield. This was a very worthy winner.

The following were elected as the Officers of the AFC Bournemouth Exiles Club for 2004/5
Chairman Steve Hunt
Treasurer Roy Garner
Secretary and Travel Officer Phil Nesbitt Membership
Secretary Pam Smith
Merchandise Officer Andy Burton
APFSCIL Representative Richard Barker
Social affairs would be handled by the committee
Match Report Officer Ellis Griffin
Competitions Officer Phil Henstridge
Pub of the Season Officer Steve Hunt

A vote of thanks to Andy Burton for his spell as Chairman was proposed and passed unanimously. Steve Hunt was welcomed to the committee as chairman and will add a different dimension to the club.

Wade Elliott had been asked if we wished to continue as the President of the Exiles and had stated that he was and was unanimously re elected.

The production of Exiled! was discussed at length and it was proposed that production in PDF format to be sent to members with email would save production costs but it was acknowledged that printed copies would always be necessary. The matter will be investigated further.

New features will also be considered.

The club's website is earning about £25.00 per half year and is now hosted by Footie Mad. It is updated about once a week. The number of hits has dramatically increased with 2793 in May 2002 and 19728 in May 2004. The maximum recorded in a month was 20003 in March 2004.

The level of Membership subscriptions for 2004/5 were set at
General £15.00
EU £19.00
ROW £24.00
Student £10.00.

Up to three season tickets for home matches would again be available to exiles and be held by Andy Burton.

The Exiles Club's 20th birthday is during the 2005/6 season and a number of events are planned. Suggestions are welcome.

All officers of the club will be committee members for 2004/5.
The new Chairman closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.