Player Of The Season 2014/15

Last updated : 08 April 2015 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

With the season coming down to a 7-match sprint to the finish it is time, once again, to nominate and vote for your player of the season.

Where as in most seasons there is a clear candidate to win, this season the choice is wide open!!

Will it be one of the front men?
All three of the Cherries front men have stepped up to the plate to grab the headlines through out the season with their goal scoring exploits.

Will be a midfielder?
Without the midfield engine room no team can hope to suceed. This season no more so with the contribution right across the park.

Will it be a defender?
Traditionally defenders do not feature too strongly in the nominations when the Cherries are towards the top, but with strong performances and contributions from the regular back 4 this season there's every reason that a defender will pick up the award this season.

Will be a goal keeper?
That narrows it to Boruc or Camp who might have caught your eye sufficiently to win your nomination!!

Voting opens on Friday 3rd April. Voting closes on April 17th.

You have many routes by which you can cast your vote. By

By email: To
By Twitter: @AndyNBurton
By text: 07932735219
Or by using the on-line poll which will appear on Saturday morning omn the front page of this web site. If there is a player you'd like to nominate that isn't listed, then feel free to nominate on of your own.

Alternatively, come and find the Exiles in a pub, or at one of the remaining matches!!