Tribute To Roy Garner

Last updated : 28 August 2010 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Following the recent, and sad, departure of a dear friend, here are some tributes to Roy Garner, from some of his closest friends, who passed away last month.

Roy was my friend for many years, I will remember all the good times, slow walks to the pub a moan or two on the way. The times spent having a beer or two, talking about how to put the world right. Onion salad with his poppadoms then keeping it for his main meal. The great times had on the canal boat trips, which he organised every year.

A loving father, who never had a bad word for his daughter. A friend you could share things with, who you could talk to about any problems you had. A friend who will be sadly missed by me. Sleep well my friend and rest in peace.
Stephen Hunt, Shaftesbury

Too many to mention of journeys shared, games watched, and beers drunk. My Best man and Best Friend. It was my privilege to do his funeral. Maybe that I conducted it is enough in amongst the rest. 
Rev Devs, Peterborough

We were all very fond of him, shown by the way we took the mickey so often & he responded with self-deprecation. I could always have a really good, constructive, discussion about matters beyond beer & football; for anyone who knew him, there's a big Roy-shaped hole in their life. And his unique achievement was to be the only Exile to score at the old South End - in a half-time penalty competition.
Peter Wicks, Bulford

Roy was the sort of guy that you never had to make up any stories about as things just happened to him. These things were often more humourous and ridiculous than anything that you could ever imagine. Despite this (and probably due to this) he was also the sort of friend that everyone craves. He'd laugh with and at you (and himself) but if you needed help, advice or support you could always turn to him and even if he was unable to really help you you would still feel a lot better for just having shared your problems with him. He would also never turn you away. Those of us who were priviledged to have been his friends loved, respected and enjoyed being with him and all our lives have a big hole where he used to be. The memories though will be there forever and will always raise a smile but often a lot lot more. 
Phil Nesbitt, Birmingham

Roy was a generous and kind man, a larger than life character who will be much missed by all who knew him. It was a privilege and honour to know Roy over the past 20 years following AFC Bournemouth up and down the country. RIP Roy.
Andy Burton, Portsmouth
Roy Garner