Eddie Departs

Last updated : 29 March 2002 By Andy Burton
1. It's been coming all season, ever since the double move for Howe and Hughes to Wigan reared its' head back in August. More recent interest from Oldham, Charlton and Southampton have confirmed that the transfer was inevitable.

2. It is a shame, as you say, that the Club have agreed to the move with relegation still pending, especially when Redknapp stated locally that he wouldn't move for Eddie until after the season had finished.

3. It also shows how desperate AFCB are for a major cash injection now. This to pay off the outstanding debt to the PFA, Barr, and any other interested parties. I suspect that the net sum to be received by the Club will be closer £300k and not £400k as a result of the FA, FL, PFA, agents etc taking their cut first. It is worth stating that this is the first major cash injection, from a transfer, since the sale of Mark Ovendale.

4. The apparent demise of ITV Digital probably hastened the transfer, given that AFCB are liable to be some £600k short in TV revenue next season, unless the TV deal can be rescued. Of course, ITV Digital should be made to pay the outstanding amount given the contractual agreement they offered and signed up to - but that's a different subject totally!!

That's my point of view

Andy - Exiles Club Chairman.