Going To Brentford? READ THIS FIRST!! (updated)

Last updated : 26 August 2004 By Andy Burton
Over the past week or two, I have been asked whether the forthcoming match at Griffin Park is all ticket or not.

I have been in touch with the ticket office and can confirm that this match is NOT all ticket.

However, it is strongly suggested that we buy tickets IN ADVANCE of this match from our own ticket office for one simple reason - the Club makes 5% commission on selling tickets. Under normal circumstances AFC Bournemouth wouldn't normally make a penny.

Tickets cost £17 (adult), £12 (seniors/students) and £3 for juniors in the seating areas, and £12 (adults), £6 (seniors/students) and £3 for juniors to be on the open terrace.

So if you're going to Brentford, buy from the AFCB Ticket Office this Saturday and help AFCB make a bit of extra money.