We came, we saw, we conquered!

Last updated : 31 May 2003 By Paul
Our supporters were outstanding once again. They were all you could hear before, during and after the game! The atmosphere in the pubs before hand was amazing.
Both Bury and Lincoln took points from us this season, but where did it get them? When it came down to it - we won the only matches that counted.
I understand we broke 2 records as well. One was record crowd for a division 3 play off final, and I understand that we are the first ever team to score five goals in a play off final - and against a team with the third best defence in the country! And from a team that have not scored more than 3 in a game all season!
Just got home and watched it again on Man U TV - sorry, I mean Sky Sports 1 (Same thing really!) All 7 goals were well scored and both teams gave it their all. It was a fine advert for division 3 football (Well division 2 in our case!)
A very good year for southern teams with Yeovil promoted to Div 3, Pompey to the Prem, us to the second and scummers Cup finalists + a european place.

It'll take a few days to come down from this one, but I am looking forward to next season in the second and the return of Alan Connell.

Paul, Slough