Twenty Questions ...... Rotherham United

Last updated : 13 January 2006 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Who are you, where are you from and how long have you supported your club?
I am Jonathan Veal, assistant (to the) editor at Millersmad, live in Rotherham and have supported Rotherham for about 17 years.

What was your first game?
My first game was in about 1988 and it was against Bury. We lost 1-0.

Describe the most memorable and the worst game you have seen and why?
The most memorable has to be the 2-1 victory over Brentford that meant we won promotion to the then Division One. A last minute winner to seal promotion, it was Roy of the Rovers stuff.
The worst. Well where do I start? Try picking any game more or less for the last 18 months!

Who are your current local rivals and why?
In our league there is Donny Rovers, who hate us with a passion. We aren?t overly bothered about them though. Our main rivals always have been and always will be Sheffield Wednesday. Though they're not bothered about us! Ha.

Who are the best and worst players you have seen?
to play for us is Alan Lee or Carl Robinson.
Worst has to be Gijsbert Bos. Bet you've never heard of him!

How did you fare last season?
Embarrassingly poor. Took us 21 games to get a win and we only managed four more all season. Down by early April, it was a season from Hell.

Where do you think you'll finish up this season?
There is potential for us to finish anywhere between 10th and 24th. I think we might go down you know, but really with our squad we should be looking at mid table.

If Rotherham were a TV personality, who would it be and why?
Some loser off Big Brother. Probably somebody like Kate Lawler, who got fairly famous quick, stuck around for a while, didn?t get anywhere near the top and then has faded away to obscurity where she belongs.

So what do you think of Bournemouth?
Don't know really. Smallish team, I'll be cheesy and say similar to us blah, blah, blah, family club. I don't think they'll ever be anything other than League One and Two fodder. Just like us!

Which current or former Bournemouth player has impressed you the most?
I can only name one of your players, which is one more than you could name of ours! James Hayter seems to score a few but I'm not going to say him cos I know jack all about him. Jermaine Defoe is my answer!

Are you happy with your chairman and board members?
I am, but the more moronic element of our fan base, most of which seem to frequent our Millersmad board, think they are just on the take. They are a fans based consortium and they have a real tough job on. They haven't got everything right but their intentions are genuine and the club has progressed off the field, despite us still being rubbish on it!
Are you confident your manager is the right guy for you?
He only got the job permanently on Tuesday after being the caretaker so it's a little early. I think it will be a good move and I know that I said we will go down but he could be the man to save us. He has instilled passion and commitment and the players want to play for him.

Which team do you want to beat this season the most and why?
Donny Rovers and we already have. Next!

What sort of line up can we expect from you?

Who's your strongest/weakest link?
link ? erm??
Weakest link ? Goalkeeper. He can't kick and put a ball in his six-yard box and you're guaranteed to score!
What's your predicted score?
This sort of game over the years is one we notoriously seem to lose. 0-2!

Who's going up?
Swansea City, Huddersfield and Brentford!

Who's going down?
Franchise FC, Swindon Town, Scunthorpe and Blackpool! Ok, I've changed my mind. We're not going down!
And finally .... Meat and tatty, Beef n Onion or Balti?
Got to be meat and tatty thank you very much.