A Million (Plus) For Ings

Last updated : 21 July 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Danny IngsWith rumour and suggestion that Danny Ings is poised to leave Dean Court to any number of clubs in the Premiership and Championship for between £200k and £400k, Cherries Chairman Eddie Mitchell has sounded a note of defiance about the chances of Ings going for anything less than a million!

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Mitchell is quoted as saying: "It is a complete and utter lie because Danny Ings isn’t going anywhere for £500,000. He is going to be AFC Bournemouth’s first £1m player and that is a definite. We have told that to Fulham and will tell anybody else the same. He is the club’s biggest asset and just needs to start firing in a few goals during the season and they will be flocking for him. I keep reading in the papers about this player going for £2m and that player going for £3m. Danny is going to be our first £1m-plus player. We are not in any hurry to sell him and want him to develop with us. The two offers we have received so far have been miles off the mark. We want him to stay for at least another year beyond his current contract and have made an approach to him along those lines. We are prepared to make him one of our top earners in an attempt to keep him".