Abdul On The 'Takeover' - Do We Believe Him?

Last updated : 21 January 2007 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking on BBC Radio Solent, Abdul Jaffer (current AFCB Chairman) was quoted as saying: "We are delighted that the board is supporting the consortium's proposals as it will mean an 'x-figure' sum investment in the club. Whilst this will not pay off our creditors totally it should be sufficient to provide adequate funding to secure the club for at least the rest of the season and further. Our financial situation is no secret and this now gives us a real opportunity to put the club back on a more financially sound footing. So it is very very good news for AFCB. They are business men and football men, one of them has been supporting the club for 30 years and is a local business man. The person who would be leading the consortium is an absolute gentlemen, a big business man and professional and a very very sound football man who is very keen to develop and take the club into the next generation".

He went on to say: "Things at Bournemouth have been very difficult. Let's be honest, this season, if we could strengthen our side by signing a few more players then it would have made a hell of a difference. I can say to you than in the last week we have wanted to take on two players and we would have had to have paid a signing on fee to sign on for a two-year contract. And we certainly could not do that - that is why we are surviving on loan players at the moment. So this is absolutely the most important coup we have and we hope that in the future to come that we will be able to support the manager to be able to get new players into the club. Once the consortium starts operating we would be financially a lot more solid. I am very very confident that Bournemouth have a bright future and you will see that there will be lots of new ideas, lots of new development coming on at the club which will take us further for sure".
To Be Taken Over?