Aldershot Town Reaction - Cherries

Last updated : 17 August 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Manager, Kevin Bond, is quoted as saying in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, especially after a penalty was waved away: "It looked like the most blatant handball I've ever seen. Andy D'Urso refereed the game for us last year and we ended up getting hauled in front of the FA after some of the decisions in that game. A couple of the advantages when he pulled us up in the first half were unbelievable and the penalty incident, I thought, was ridiculously blatant, but he has decided in his wisdom that it wasn't a penalty".

Joel Ward, standing in for the injured Jason Pearce, is quoted as saying: "You're always prepared for a game and I was prepared today. It's a shame for Pearcey but I was ready to play. I thought I handled myself on Tuesday night and it's a great honour to be playing so when I get a chance I have to make sure I take it. They were a real handful up front and quick going forward and I thought they played good football too. He (Morgan) was quick and strong but I thought we played well and we could have got something more from the game".