And When We Win Promotion.....

Last updated : 14 June 2004 By Andy Burton
Once upon a time AFC Bournemouth were always known as a Third Division side with the occassion blip in to the Fourth Division as well as the brief excursion in to the Second Division.

Then came the Premiership and we became a Second Division side, and now the Football Leaguem in its infinite wisdom has decided on a renaming such that the current First Division will now be known as The Championship (!), the Second Division will become League One, and the Third Division will become League Two!!

According to the Football League web site, the purpose of the change is to "brighten the financial outlook for League clubs and enable them to begin closing the monetary gap that exists with the Premiership". How that is to be achieved is anyone's guess given the vast sums pumped in to the Premiership when compared to the rest of us in the Football League!!

Oh yes, there's also a new logo!!