Another BluePrint?

Last updated : 02 July 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
During this weeks press conference, Jeff Mostyn revealed Adrian Saverimutto as the Clubs new Chief Exec.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo Saverimutto is quoted as saying: "I've had five years in football but 18 years in sport. I come from a sporting background, it's in my blood and I played sport at international level, as well as concentrating on the commercial and marketing aspects of sport in general. I bring these qualities to the table. It's like anything, you have to look outside the box in football to make these things happen. If you look in the box, you're only going to compete with everybody else. My intention is to bring my outside the box qualities to this football club, work with Jeff Mostyn and Steve Sly, and really take this to a new level. Football has to be run like a business. I know you've probably heard it many times across the land but until football is run like a business we will still see administrations. So my intent is very clear. We are going to run this as a business, we're going to re-invest and support the manager and take it forward to a new level".

Another 'Blue Print'?