Brighton & Hove Albion Reaction

Last updated : 01 January 2007 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, manager Kevin Bond is quoted as saying: "It was bizarre the way we won the game just when you thought it wasn't going to be our day. I know exactly how Dean [Wilkins] must be thinking as I've felt the same during my time here a number of times so I feel for him. They defended stoutly and put their heads on things. All of a sudden it was our day and we got the break that could be a turning point for us. But we've got to make that happen, make the most of it and turn it round ourselves on the back of that. In terms of the display, considering we had three lads out there thirty-five years of age, I thought we kept going in difficult conditions for ninety minutes. Everyone played really well and it was an excellent team performance. Sometimes you change things just to see if a change will work. I always thought we looked a threat. Brett is always liable to get on the end of something and Sam was lasting well. Sometimes a change can disrupt you so I decided to stick with what we had and to keep plugging away and eventually it fell for us".