Cherries Having Teething Trouble

Last updated : 30 August 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
The new administration is experiencing a few teething troubles as they try and get the club back on it's feet again.

Chief Exec Savi is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "It's been a case of all systems go since we gained full control from administrators on August 7. The Sport-6 team has been working tirelessly to move the club forward. There have been several teeth-ing problems but we've been very restricted with certain facilities of the business with regard the process of coming out of administration and transition from the old company into the new one. Our credit card application was made the day we received the Football League share back, the earliest possible opportunity. We've been told the application process could take between four to six weeks. It was also pointed out due to the old company's previous trading, and with regard the current state-of-affairs across the country, the application would not be plain sailing. We still await an outcome and this continues to handicap our business. This also has an effect of purchasing tickets via the Internet. This will kick-in once our new credit card application has been completed. In July, the club announced a partnership with sports retailing chain JD Sports - the biggest sponsorship deal in the club's history. We'd love the shop to be up and running but we simply cannot open it until we've goods to sell".