Cherries To Cut Ticket Prices?

Last updated : 25 January 2012 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

The game against Tranmere Rovers attracted fewer Cherries fans to Dean Court when compared to the Notts County game 7-days earlier with Mitchell admitting in the Bournemouth Evening Echo that: "I know times are hard so it is understandable, especially when we have had back-to-back home games because that is a big draw on the purse strings. I am sure the Football League could help but we are in their hands. We had one home game in December and have got four in March. Then, in the middle of January, we get two on the trot. It does seem a bit odd and maybe they could spread them out more. We didn’t have great festive fixtures to benefit from either and I think we have had a bit of raw deal this season but it is swings and roundabouts".

The possibility on reducing ticket prices was not being ruled out: "It is very difficult for people and this is something we have got to address when we price for the future. It would depend on whether it would work for us but we want numbers. If we could get crowds of 10,000 for the same revenue as 6,000, we would have to consider it".