CM Chair - Not Resigning

Last updated : 24 January 2007 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
In the Bournemouth Evening Echo, he is quoted as saying: "In response to yesterday's (Tuesday's) Daily Echo story I wish to make it clear that my personal statement should not be taken as the CM board's view and reiterate that a decision has not yet been made over the proposed consortium. The Community Mutual is still in negotiations with the consortium and therefore have not decided if they should recommend that their members support the consortium or not. I have already been asked by three CM board members out of 12 to stand down as chairman because, in their view, I stated that the CM is in agreement with the consortium takeover. As they rightly state, the CM has not made a final decision on the matter. I have no intention of resigning just because certain CM members felt the Echo failed to write clearly that this was my personal opinion and not that of the Community Mutual. I felt the Echo's article stated clearly that these were my own personal opinions".
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