Cohen/Jaffer Bid Rejected

Last updated : 02 March 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
In Bournemouth Evening Echo article, Cohen is quoted as saying: "I saw Gerald Krasner and I made an offer for the club and he wouldn't take it. He wouldn't show me any papers. I confirmed with my accountants that I had the £3million available. He wanted me to sign a seven-page document. It was a confidentiality document. I said if you don't do a deal today, I'm off'. He wouldn't take it because I wouldn't sign a confidentiality agreement. I said I'm not offering it on the terms you want' and it finished. He wouldn't take my money. I've got a witness and he had confirmation from my accountants (Birmingham-based Grant Thornton). They confirmed the money was good and would be met and I had a cheque in my pocket and he wouldn't take it. I lost my temper in the end and said forget about it because I'm walking out'. I'm not a schoolboy, I'm 81 and still in business and still the chairman of a few (companies). I had the money in my pocket and he wouldn't take it. Abdul (Jaffer) and myself between us would have paid £3million. We came with the money, he (Krasner) knew it and wouldn't do the deal".