Competition In Midfield

Last updated : 12 August 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

With competition to fill the boots vacacted by Anton Robinson, Steven Gregory knows thatb he faces a challenge to gain a starting place every week.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Gregory is quoted as saying: "I still don’t know whether Anton’s boots are mine to fill. He is a quality player and a big loss but I don’t know yet whether it will be down to me to replace him or whether it will be someone else. Harry Arter is going to step up, Mark Molesley is here and I think Bradders is looking to bring in another midfielder as well. I have to work hard on the breakdown side of the game in midfield because I am not traditionally an aggressive player. I know I need to work on that and because of my size and height, I have been put in front of the back four at times to try and break things up. I can pass the ball fairly well and I guess I have a mix of the two abilities to a certain extent. I hope I can be as good as Anton and I am working hard on that side of the game. I want to be that sort of player".