Darlington Reaction - Cherries

Last updated : 29 September 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Marvin Bartley is quoted as saying: "Some people might say we scored as a result of the mistakes but we put pressure on them to make those mistakes. If you put pressure on any player at any level, he's going to make a mistake and that's how we got in on a couple of occasions. We are closing teams down a lot better now and putting pressure on them and making it harder for them to get out. I thought Jeff should have passed to me earlier. I spoke to him about it and said I would have killed him if it hadn't fallen for me! I used to play with him at Hayes and he didn't pass when he was there either. I told him it had to stop but he just laughed and said that as he's a striker, he wasn't going to pass!"

Manager Jimmy Quinn was quoted as saying on the playing system: "It's a hard system to break down and the players are still getting used to it. That was only the second time we have used it and we will get better. If you throw too much at the players and give them too much information, you can lose them so we're trying to build it in gradually. It will probably take half-a-dozen games for everybody to be comfortable with it and then we should click. I usually play two up front but that position is made for Sammy Igoe. He's got terrific balance and a low centre of gravity. He's very hard to pick up and I thought it would be ideal for him to play just off the main striker. I thought he was our best player again. People said Sammy hadn't been playing well before I came to the club. I remember him when he was at Portsmouth, Swindon and Bristol Rovers and I always felt he could cause teams problems. He's done that magnificently in the past two games".