Deal Done!

Last updated : 14 March 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
It will come as no surprise that the 'winning' bid came from current Chairman Jeff Mostyn, Steve Sly and business partner Marc Jackson.

Gerald Krasner was quoted during the press conference as saying: "He did not have a complete exclusivity agreement. If I got a better offer, he was allowed to bid again. He had semi-exclusivity on the basis he was funding. Nobody else has even bid. If I'd got a better offer, he'd have had to match that offer".

Hhe went on to say: "It is the only offer. If you're selling your house for £100,000, sorry we're in Bournemouth, for £500,000, and somebody offers you £480,000 and it's the only offer - it's the only offer. The only thing that's differed from the day one strategy I had is that I only got one offer and not two. I expected at least two offers. Out of 16 letters sent out, two would have been a reasonable response. At least Bournemouth have a chance of sorting it out, coming out clean with no debt and going forward".