Demouge Dud? NO! Says Mitchell

Last updated : 30 January 2013 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Speaking pubically for the first time about Frank Demouge, Chairman, Eddie Mitchell has gone on record in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying that: "It is frustrating all round. We know that what suits one manager, might not suit another and his injury didn’t help when he first came here. He has gone back to a top-flight club in Holland so it is not as if he was a dud. He just didn’t make the breaks he would have wanted, for reasons only he and the managers know. If we find there are players needing to play and wanting to move because they are in a foreign country, we will let them go, providing the manager is agreeable. He came on a free transfer so it didn’t cost much to get him. We have paid his wages while he has been here, which is a cost. If he had played and scored 10 goals, we would say we were pleased with the outlay. He didn’t but you could say that about lots of players. Signing players is often a gamble, more so when you find somebody from abroad. He hasn’t gone permanently and, maybe next season, it might be different. He might go there and score loads of goals and, when he comes back, Eddie might have a different view, I don’t know. We are not here to waste money for the club, we are here to cut our cloth as tightly as we can and still try to be successful. Frank fitted in well and always conducted himself properly. But you can only get 11 men on the pitch and we have got people in that position who Eddie chooses to pick. That is the way football is".