Eddie & AFCB

Last updated : 17 January 2014 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

There can be no doubt that Eddie Howe is one of the best loved managers ever to have taken the helm at Dean Court. Initially steering the Club from the edge of oblivion and the Conference, guiding the Cherries to League One and subsequently to the Championship.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Howe is quoted as saying: "Maxim has put a lot of money into the club and a lot of trust in me. He has allowed me to express myself as a manager and that is all you can ask because it doesn’t always happen. He has given me a licence to run the football side of the club and, although he keeps a close eye on what we are doing, he also lets us get on with our jobs. I am in regular dialogue with him and I know where I stand. I am really happy working with the people at the club and working for Maxim. I enjoy a good relationship with him and the board. I want to see the club continue to move forwards and upwards and know Maxim shares that ambition. If we could match the success of the past five years, we would be in a good position. Nothing would please me more than to see us stabilise in this division and eventually look to move up. It may take some time but that is the aim. I don’t think you can ever look too far ahead in management. You can be well thought of one minute and not so well thought of the next. I have learned a great deal about life in recent years and, while the people here now remain, I cannot see me leaving this club of my own accord. Maxim, the board and the supporters have put a lot of faith in me and I want to repay them for that."