Eddie Howe Staying

Last updated : 11 January 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

After speculation and rumour over the past few days it has been confirmed that Eddie Howe is staying put at Dean Court - rejecting offers from Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic.

Here's the sequence of events from earlier today from the Bournemouth Evening Echo's blog:
Latest - 9.15am day two: Howe arrives looking tired. Asked if ready for day two of the circus, he replies: "Not really."

Latest: 9.20am day two: Emergency talks between Mitchell, Howe and Tindall set to start.

Latest: 10.09am day two: Echo sources in south London claim Charlton have cooled interest in Howe and Palace also said to be wavering.

Latest: 12.25pm day two: Echo sources claim Howe is staying.

BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE 12.26pm: Reliable source tells Neil Meldrum Howe is staying.

BREAKING NEWS: 12.42pm day two: Howe emerges to confirm he is STAYING!