Expectations Now Need To Be Managed

Within a year, the squad at Dean Court has been totally transformed, especially with the number of players being brought in and the amounts of money (reportedly) being spent.

With the crop of incoming players we've already seen results improve, no doubt expectations are going to jump with the arrival of Tubbs and McDermott.

Manager Lee Bradbury now has a task to manage expectations, of which he is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "Clubs all over the country have to deal with high expectation levels and it is part of the game. If you have got a good squad, you have to live up to them. We have got a good squad so it is up to the players, myself and everybody connected with the club to deal with expectations. It is a new pressure but a good one. I am delighted with the business we did. We probably spent what we brought in last year and certainly didn’t go over and above our means. The club reinvested and it was fantastic for me as the manager to be able to build a squad for the future. I feel I have done that now. I am excited about picking a team. We have got really good quality and it is great to be in a position where it is difficult to choose a starting line-up. My aim now is for us to finish as high as we can. If we were to get into the top six then it would be an unbelievable season. We have assembled a squad that is capable of doing it but are already more than halfway through the season. It is not unachievable because we are five points from sixth place. As much as I want to do it, it is going to be tough but is has got to be our aim".