Feeney Wants Bradders In Role Full Time

Last updated : 25 January 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

With the new management duo of Lee Bradbury and Steve Fletcher making an undefeated start to their managerial careers, Liam Feeney has come out in support of the pair taking up the reigns full time.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Feeney is quoted as saying: "They have been amazing so far and it has been like nothing has changed. We have carried on training with the same tempo and intensity, and the little things and rituals we do haven’t changed. It is showing in the results and we are carrying on exactly where we left off. All the lads hope that they get it on a permanent basis. We will go out every week and try to put in the performances to show our feelings. Ee said before the game that nothing changes for us and we are the same group of lads and are going to put in the same amount of work. We have tried not to change anything. It wasn’t broken so we didn’t try to fix it. It showed that the lads are still working just as hard for them as we did for Eddie and Jason. Hopefully, if we keep getting the positive results and putting in the performances, they will get it on a longer-term deal or permanently".