Groves Going Nowhere - Mitchell

Last updated : 01 October 2012 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Positions at Dean Court are becoming more entrenched as each day passes.

On the one hand we have under fire Paul Groves stating very clearly that he's not leaving, let alone walking away from Dean Court, even though his record of 3 wins in 17 league matches is relegation form.

Then on the other we have under fire Eddie Mitchell who stated very clearly over the weekend he's not getting rid of Groves despite the over whelming evidence (in the opinion of the fans) that he's not up to the job.

Speaking to the Bournemouth Evening Echo following the shouting match outside the ground on Saturday with fans, Chairman Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "I was trying to tell them that I know things are not right. Everybody can see that, including the manager. There is an ingredient missing which we have got to find. Whether it is this manager or any other manager, it isn’t easily found. I know the history of the club and I know it has had a lot of ups and downs. I want to get a settled situation. I have managed to do that off the pitch and now we have got to do it on the pitch as well. We are not playing attractive football and have got to find a way to do that. I have spoken with the manager and we are very frustrated. We are searching for the answer. I am under pressure from lots of people to change things, just about everybody – including my dog! I have got to find a way of changing things but I have got to do it correctly. I have no immediate intention to relieve anybody of their duties. But I have got to soul-search and find a way to make it better. Some people have been telling me not to do anything rash and others have been saying I should sack the manager. We have all got our opinions but it is my responsibility to stick behind and believe in the people I employ. At this moment in time, I have to stand by my decision to employ Paul as manager. We have got to be rational about it and try to get it right for everybody. I am not frightened to do whatever it takes and, if I have to make tough decisions, I will. I try to do things rationally and fairly".

Sadly Groves' record speaks for itself, including back-to-back relegations whilst managing Grimsby Town.