Hayter Now Linked With Bristol City!

Last updated : 20 January 2006 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
With Peter Phillips being quoted as saying: "There is nothing concrete to report at the moment. I'm not in a position to go into the specifics but will be happy to comment at a later date when there is something to report", makes you think whether there is something going on behind the scenes as reported in the Bournemouth Evening Echo!

Phillips is also quoted as saying: "We have brought forward our planning for next season, partly down to the re-financing and that we feel more confident, but also because the transfer window has brought these things to the fore. In an ideal world, you would always try and tie your best players up on long-term deals and you pay them more than we can afford to pay them. But the reality remains that our best players could be paid more if they went elsewhere, as was the case with Brian. He wanted to play at a higher level, will earn much more than he would here and you cannot criticise him for that ..... This has been a season of rebuilding to some extent because we have lost some influential players. We have brought some good youngsters in and we want to consolidate and build on that".