Hayter Reaches Top-10

Last updated : 23 August 2004 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
With the 2 goal strike, which helped bury MK Dons and 3 valuable points, Jamie Hayter also moved himself in to the list of top-10 marksmen to wear a Bournemouth shirt post war.

In a remarkable goal scoring record, he's so far netted 4 goals in the opening few matches, scoring in each of the last 3 games.

To make the top-10 shooters, Jamie knocked Ronnie Bolton down out of the top-10 as he recorded 49 goals in 235 appearances.

The top-10 Cherry Strikers as it stands today is as follows:
1 Ted MacDougall 119
2 Dickie Dowsett 79
=3 Stan Newsham 74
=3 Steve Fletcher 74
5 Doug McGibbon 65
6 Jack Cross 64
7 Luther Blissett 56
8 Ray Bumstead 55
9 Steve Robinson 51
10 James Hayter 49
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