Help Fund New Temporary Stand

Last updated : 15 February 2004 By Ralph Beales
It would cost approx £25,000 to have a 1000 seat stand and double that for 2000 seats. The idea being that when the likes of QPR and Sheffield Wednesday come to town, we can accommodate more of their supporters and make more money.
Also, using the additional revenue allows the club to repay the loanees.

This is not intended to be giving the club the money for the stand, as the club is unable to get a commercial loan, it is looking for the fans to help.
If we can get 500 fans to loan an average of £100 each, then we have enough. If we have 10 fans with £5k to loan, then we will do well also.
A the moment, I have received pledges of varying amounts, £100s, £500s and a couple for a thousand but we only really got going on this on Friday, although it's an idea I've been kicking around with one or two of the directors since the start of the season.
Hopefully within a season or two, all monies will have been repaid and the club will have a 4th side, albeit not the one we want but at least we can use it when empty to offset the current 5% seating restriction, that is keeping the capacity down to 9200.

Obviously if we get a play-off spot and do get promoted, it'll be needed far more, as it stands, if we stay in this division, then Sheffield Wednesday, Swindon/Bristol City/Brighton will do the trick for recouping the funds, to say nothing of the likes of Oxford/Yeovil coming up, or Derby/Forest coming down.

Add in the possibility of a decent cup game next season and you can see that it can generate some serious funds for the club.
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For more information, of if you would like to donate some money, please get in touch with Ralph Beales through his email address.

We helped raise a load of cash for the initial Stadium Development in the past, we can do it again!!