Hint Of A Split?

Last updated : 01 April 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
In his programme notes in Saturday's programme, Chairman Jeff Mostyn is quoted as saying: "The time has come for everyone to get together to give the club the chance of a future. There has been talk of various groups waiting in the wings to take over the club. Ask yourself, if these people had the best interests of the club at heart why didn't they bid when they had a chance? The talk of the mystery millionaire who could save the club but was put off by my demands is absolute rubbish. Whatever the demands, he had a chance to bid for the club without my involvement by making an offer directly to the administrator. I had no influence whatsoever on the bids placed. This story is being fuelled by a frequent visitor from the north who visits the club on matchdays to try to discredit my consortium and me. The fact that no formal offer was made suggests to me that there are still people trying to get control of the club for nothing. Whatever your personal views towards me, I still remain the person funding the club through administration. No-one can question my financial commitment to the club over the past 15 months and, despite all the high profile I'm going to buy the club' talk, my consortium's bid was the only formal one lodged".

Time will tell if there is something going on which we no nothing about as yet.