Howe On Contacts

Last updated : 09 January 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo Eddie Howe is quoted as saying: "My phone hasn't stopped, it's been crazy. I've been in contact with a lot of people I know. I'd planned to watch reserve games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but they have all been called off due to the weather so that's been a real blow. I've been trying to see what's out there. It's always difficult when you are taking people's opinions and, where possible, you would like to see the boys for yourself. If you bring in a player and the loan doesn't go well, you can hold up your hand and say you based it on what you saw and got it wrong. If you take other people's opinions, which sometimes you may have to do, and it doesn't go well, you've only got yourself to blame for not watching them. I think you need to cover every base and do your research. Kevin (Bond) and Harry (Redknapp) have also been very supportive and have said Spurs will do whatever they can to help. Unfortunately, I was due to watch their reserves on Monday but it got called off. Kevin is a great guy. He's always been very supportive of me and we've always had a good relationship. It's a fantastic gesture that Spurs are willing to help us out. I had a long chat with Peter Grant (assistant manager at WBA) and had a conservation with Sean O'Driscoll (manager at Doncaster)".