Huddersfield Town Reaction

Last updated : 21 January 2007 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, here is what Kevin Bond had to say after the 1-2 defeat: "We gave away a couple of poor goals and I truly felt the game was there for us. We were slow starting, we never really got after them. I was delighted to get back into the game with a goal, but there was some indecision in the middle of the park for their second goal and it cost us. The sooner we eliminate making mistakes and address the situation the better. As soon as we'd got back into the game at 1-1 they flicked a ball at the other end and were presented with a one-on-one. Individuals have switched off and no amount of training is going to pull that right. We have to keep working away. We've had a long chat with the players, not anything heavy, just spelling out to the players the situation we find ourselves in. We've pointed out to the players they can't afford to switch off. I shouldn't be telling people to run, especially the younger ones; they ought to be running non-stop for the ninety minutes. We need to see that desire and will to not be beaten. Players need to have that desire. I didn't see anybody wanting to come off because they were knackered and couldn't run anymore so it certainly isn't a fitness issue. If we're going to win games we need to do that little bit extra and be hungrier than the opposition. It's all very well having a sterling performance from any individual. But if you make one mistake or switch off for one second or decide not to run with someone and it costs you a goal I'm afraid in my book it undoes any good work a player has done in the ninety minutes. The sooner we get eleven players who aren't going to lie down and take the 'not over my dead body' attitude, the sooner we'll get out of trouble".