Huddersfield Town Reaction - Cherries

Last updated : 03 February 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Defender Russell Perrett was quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo after the match as saying: "It was disappointing because the ball came into the box and I felt it could have been dealt with at the near post. But it came to me and I headed it chest high. I couldn't get any height on it and it dropped nicely for the centre forward. I probably should have got a better header on it. Regardless of who was to blame, we should have dealt with it and it was one of those poxy goals we seem to give away. We shot ourselves in the foot and it gave us a lot of hard work to do. I felt we should have done a lot better with the ball. Our distribution all over the pitch wasn't good enough. We kept giving the ball away and our play kept breaking down as a result. It was a shame because I didn't feel Huddersfield were a massive threat".

Manager Kevin Bond was quoted after the game as saying: "There was nothing in the game really. I thought we started to take control in the first half but only got in a situation where we looked like scoring on the odd occasion. We were as comfortable as you like until we gave away the goal and it cost us the game. I didn't think they did a lot to win the game and we huffed and puffed but didn't really create enough. It looked like we had one or two tired bodies out there and one or two weren't at it. I thought their two centre-halves were excellent and we got very little change out of them. We gave ourselves one or two problems by giving the ball away in our own half during the first half but when we didn't do that, we looked comfortable".