I Didn't Dive - Pugh

Last updated : 07 January 2013 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

One of the talking points of the FA Cup match on Saturday came when Marc Pugh was controversially booked for a 'dive' where as the Cherries faithful believed that a penalty should have been awarded instead.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Pugh was quoted as saying: "I cut inside two of them and the first lad clipped me and then the second lad sort of barged me over, but I wasn’t happy at the time because I thought it was a blatant penalty. I have got a cut on my knee to prove that. I am usually quite a calm person but it really frustrates you because they can be big decisions that turn games. I said to the referee that if I had gone through I would have been clean through on goal. Why would I go down? I am not even on penalties so I would have wanted to score a goal".

Manager Eddie Howe commented that: "He is not the type of player that goes to ground easily so my first impression was it was a penalty. Without seeing it again, I wouldn’t be able to confirm that. On their one, again I haven’t seen it again, but I am told that there was, potentially, a little tug in there, so I can see why the referee gave it. I think it was probably a 50-50 call".

Wigan boss, Roberto Martinez went on record as saying: "I saw them on the replay. The first one was a clear dive and the referee saw it very well. The penalty, Maynor was on his own in the six-yard box and the moment that he was going to make contact with the ball, he got pulled from the back on the shirt".