I Don't Want A Yes Man - Mitchell

Last updated : 12 January 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Oridnator

With the speculation/rumour behind AFCB regarding Eddie Howe's immediate future, Eddie Mitchell has admitted that he and his manager have not always seen eye to eye on all matters.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Mitchell is quoted as saying: "We’re both grown men and I think we’re both out of the same mould, to a degree. I think, maybe, I’m a bit more rash than Eddie but I think we’re both very determined to succeed. If you’ve got two men like that working together then I think, at times, you are going to clash. But life goes on and you repair clashes. We’ve not always seen eye to eye but it’s nothing which has jeopardised our future. We’re both strong-minded people but there are certainly no ill feeling between us. I don’t want to be surrounded by ‘yes’ men and I never have been. He certainly isn’t one. I’ve worked with him for 18 months and we’ve worked on the basis of, pretty much, I leave him alone to do his job and he leaves me alone to do my job. His demands on me have never been great and he’s always listened to what we’ve had to say and he’s always understood what we’ve had to say. That has enabled us to support him every time he has come to us".