Igoe To Keep On Going?

Last updated : 07 August 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
With the popular midfielder about to hit his 34th birthday, he's pledged to carry on playing for as long as possible, possibly beyond his 40th birthday.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Igoe is quoted as saying: "I'd like to think I could keep playing into my 40s, I know some players do. We've got a lot of young players in our side and I'm as fit as any of them. As long as I don't have any serious injuries, there's no reason why I couldn't carry on for a few more years. As you get older, you have to be more conscious about your lifestyle. I've always been naturally fit and I never put on any weight so I'm lucky in that sense. I'll be the first to admit that when I was younger, I would go out in midweek and have a drink. I probably have a drink once every two months now. It takes you longer to recover and I definitely look after myself more now".