League Transfers Share Back To AFC Bournemouth

Last updated : 09 August 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
The Football League
In a statement on the Football League web site, it is confirmed that the League has transferred the League Share back to AFC Bournemouth and Rotherham United. The Leagues Chief Operating Officier, Andy Williamson is quoted as saying: "Trying to be fair to the fans of those clubs that have gone through an insolvency process, whilst also being equally fair to the supporters of those clubs that have not, results in The League having to make some very difficult decisions. We have to try and balance the sporting advantage a club gains over its rivals by being able to begin again, debt-free, in this manner. Whilst the points deductions imposed on these two clubs are clearly significant, they have enabled The League to allow both AFC Bournemouth and Rotherham United to continue as Football League clubs without unfairly disadvantaging their competitors. Both clubs are long standing members of The Football League family and we wish them every success under their new regimes".