Leyton Orient Review - The O's

Last updated : 15 October 2012 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Following from their poor showing on the south coast, Leyton Orient manager, Russell Slade was quoted after the match as saying: "There are probably a few head injuries after I have given them an ear-bashing. I don’t think it was a classic was it. Both teams were giving a lot of ball away for the entire game and in the end it’s been settled by two gifts. We gifted them two goals. We created very little and neither did they. They had a little bit more pressure than us and they had a few more corners than we did. But my keeper didn’t have a save to make. One in the first half where he was through one-on-one and he had to make a block and that was it. The keeper shouldn’t have thrown it out at that stage and it wasn’t really on. He has got to learn. He was told before the game not to do that and the centre half was told. If they think they can start doing their own thing our players are mistaken, so we will start nice and early and go and put it right on the training ground. We will be starting on Monday and we have done our schedules. I’m not one to start spitting my dummy out that way, but what I am is someone that will work harder if things are not going right and we will start earlier and work harder".