Liverpool Build Up

Last updated : 24 January 2014 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

In a season of big matches for the Cherries, the FA Cup match against Liverpool doesn't get much bigger. A fact that hasn't escaped Eddie Howe, or his players.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Howe is quoted as saying: "We speak to the players and do presentations about the history of the club, including where it has come from, big days in the recent past and even going further back. I think it is important when you put on the Bournemouth shirt that you know what it represents and you know where the club has been. The players know the importance of this game and where it stands. They know it would rank alongside some of the best days the club has had if we were able to give Liverpool a tough game. Everybody knows about Manchester United in 1984 and the club’s best FA Cup run in 1956-57 when we beat Tottenham and Wolves. They were tremendous achievements and we need to focus on ourselves now".

And on his opposite number: "Brendan is someone I have been lucky enough to see work and to get to build a relationship with. He is someone I really respect and is very much a role model for me. He has achieved great things in his time as a manager. I consider him a very brave manager and a manager that thinks differently to most. I have a lot of time for him and think he is doing a brilliant job at Liverpool. I competed against him when Burnley played Swansea and it will be good to see him again".