Macclesfield Reaction - Silkmen

Last updated : 17 March 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking after the match, Alexander was quoted as saying: "First I asked for the teletext to be put on the screen in the waiting room, and then when I was waiting for my consultant I just asked if I could leave and get back to the match. I was going to get a taxi back to the ground, but they wouldn't let me. It was very frustrating, but the consultant didn't turn up until 5.30pm and they told me I just had to wait. I've been told I just have to take a couple of days off, but the good news is that I am perfectly well and have been given a complete all-clear. I'll be back into the club in mid-week. There has been a bug going round the ground, the club chef has had it and some of the players, so it was probably just that. But the club doctor and my chairman Mike Rance thought I should go and get checked out".