Millwall Reaction - Cherries

Last updated : 21 October 2007 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking to the Bournemouth Evening Echo, manager Kevin Bond is quoted as saying: "I'm not making excuses for me, the players or the result. But you must have competition for places at any football club. If people haven't got that edge, then you are going to get 95 per cent when you are looking for 110 per cent from everybody. It's not an ideal situation, especially when you're already in trouble".

Josh Gowling is quoted in the same article as saying: "We might as well have not turned up because it was a terrible performance. It wasn't good enough and we were all over the shop. I want to apologise to our fans. They deserve a lot better and they came all this way to see that. It was just embarrassing and it hurts. would like to thank them for coming. They have got to keep supporting us and get behind us because that's what we need at the moment".