Molesley Out Til 2010

Last updated : 02 November 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Even though he battled through the games against Accrington Stanley and Grimsby Town in recent weeks, Mark Molesley was forced to miss the 4-0 defeat against Rochdale, and is now facing surgery on the troublesome foot injury.

Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, Molesley is quoted as saying: "To be honest, I didn't come through the Grimsby game very well. I was really feeling it in the game and I started cramping up and I couldn't run on it properly. In training I was starting to get a few other niggles because of it and the foot wasn't really holding up at all. I tried to train on it last week because I was desperate to play on Saturday, but unfortunately it wasn't right. The surgeon is now looking at the scans and he will get a second opinion and then we will go ahead with the operation. I've been told a various amount of dates about how long I will be out for, but I don't think it will be until after he goes in and assesses everything that he will be able to say exactly how long. I'm hoping it won't be anything longer than two months, but we can't really say anything for definite at the moment. I had the injections initially to avoid being out, so to hear the news now is a bit of a kick in the teeth to say the very least. It needs to be done, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating because I don't want to miss out at all. Things are going well and this is the best football has ever been to me, so I'm gutted that this is happening".