More Debts Surface?

Last updated : 20 August 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

The latest claimant to pop their head above the parapet is former owner Paul Baker who is claiming that AFC Bournemouth still owe him £25,000, which was originally taken out to cover the purchase of IT equipment when the Sport-6 took over the club back in 2008.

Baker is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "When we took over the club, we couldn’t get any credit rating because we had just come out of administration. The club was badly in need of new IT hardware and software because what was there was a joke. We spent money getting it done but the club couldn’t get finance so it was agreed between myself and the other directors that my company at the time, UK Sameday, would purchase the equipment for the club and the club would pay UK Sameday monthly. If they couldn’t pay UK Sameday, they had to pay me. It was all agreed. When the club was sold, the two main points of the sale were that John Piper got his money back, which I’m pleased to hear he now has, and that the IT was paid for by the new owners and I was released from my personal guarantee. A month or so ago, it got to the point where Lombard lost patience and so I paid the debt. They placed a charge on my property and so, when I came to sell it, I had no choice but to pay the debt. I gave the club every chance to pay and sat patiently, but nothing happened. In the end, Lombard lost patience with me and I ended up paying. I have now instructed my lawyers".